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After spending most of the summer doing clinical in Peru, nursing student Christian Villanueva is ready back and ready to take on his senior year. 


Why he became a Golden Eagle.  

"I chose Marquette because of the inclusive environment I felt as soon as I stepped onto the campus," said Chrisitan, who hails form Hickory Hills, Illinois. He credits Juanita "Terrie" Garcia, Nursing Workforce Diversity Project Coordinator, with easing the transition for him.

"When I arrived at the College of Nursing, she made an effort to make my parents at ease, as I was the first in my family to attend a four-year institution and to move away from home in general."

Nursing, of course, has been what Christian has focused on for the past few years, something he calls a blessing in disguise. 

"I went into nursing with no expectations; I just knew that I wanted to work in healthcare. Nursing seemed like a great way for me to help others in their times of need."

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Students at Marquette have an abundance of safety resources - be alert and stay safe by remembering these Top 5. 



Calling a LIMO is an easy, safe, and convenient way to navigate your around campus. With a variety of vehicles, routes and workers, LIMOS transport students anywhere in between 7th and 24th Street. They operate between the hours of 5PM and 3AM Monday through Thursday and 5PM through 4AM Friday through Sunday, and after hours you can always call for a ride. 

For a complete directory of important DPS contact information visit http://go.mu.edu/DPSDirectory. 

2. Walking Escorts


It is always best to have a buddy when walking home from the library or a friend’s house. If you don’t want to ride in the LIMO you can always call for an escort to accompany you. 

3. Blue Light Phones


Blue Light Phones are your instant connection to DPS. With an average 30-second responsive time, the phones are scattered throughout all of campus’  boundaries. Use them to contact an officer to report activity, ask for directions, request a car jump start, help when locked out of your car or ran out of gas, and to call a LIMO or escort if your phone dies. 

4. Text and Twitter Alerts


Text alerts provide immediate notifications to the Marquette community. Sign up for text alerts via your personal CheckMarq. Follow @MUSafety for all events and updates regarding campus safety. 

5. Self Defense Class


Pocket a few tips and tricks in case you are ever in a sticky situation. DPS offers classes throughout the year for all students and members of Marquette’s staff and faculty. Sign up here! Freshman and sophomores can also talk to their RA about organizing a special program for the floor or wing.