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Students at Marquette have an abundance of safety resources - be alert and stay safe by remembering these Top 5. 



Calling a LIMO is an easy, safe, and convenient way to navigate your around campus. With a variety of vehicles, routes and workers, LIMOS transport students anywhere in between 7th and 24th Street. They operate between the hours of 5PM and 3AM Monday through Thursday and 5PM through 4AM Friday through Sunday, and after hours you can always call for a ride. 

For a complete directory of important DPS contact information visit http://go.mu.edu/DPSDirectory. 

2. Walking Escorts


It is always best to have a buddy when walking home from the library or a friend’s house. If you don’t want to ride in the LIMO you can always call for an escort to accompany you. 

3. Blue Light Phones


Blue Light Phones are your instant connection to DPS. With an average 30-second responsive time, the phones are scattered throughout all of campus’  boundaries. Use them to contact an officer to report activity, ask for directions, request a car jump start, help when locked out of your car or ran out of gas, and to call a LIMO or escort if your phone dies. 

4. Text and Twitter Alerts


Text alerts provide immediate notifications to the Marquette community. Sign up for text alerts via your personal CheckMarq. Follow @MUSafety for all events and updates regarding campus safety. 

5. Self Defense Class


Pocket a few tips and tricks in case you are ever in a sticky situation. DPS offers classes throughout the year for all students and members of Marquette’s staff and faculty. Sign up here! Freshman and sophomores can also talk to their RA about organizing a special program for the floor or wing. 


1) Don’t apologize for being yourself. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind, don’t matter.

2) Celebrate the little things: an A on a test, a date, a job offer, or even just the arrival of Friday.

3) Milwaukee rocks. Experience it. Go out to eat downtown at least once a month. 

4) You’ll find more people go to tutoring than you think. Take advantage. It’s a guaranteed hour each week where you can review the material with someone that really knows it. Do it.


5) Your residence hall assignment does not define you.

6) Go to Late Night Events. They’re some of the most fun things events you can do. And the prizes ROCK.

7) Don’t feel like you have to date the first guy or girl you meet at Orientation. There are plenty of great people at Marquette.

8) Learn about Ignatian Spirituality. As a Jesuit University, we’ve got some unique opportunities for examination and people to guide you through it. Don’t miss out.

9) Find a balance between getting to know your floor and meeting new people. You’ll need both.


10) Major in something that you love and could take classes in for the rest of your life. If you can’t major in it, minor in it. 

11) Go on a service trip for spring break. 

12) Go to a Studio 13 Refugee (Fugee) Show. And raise your hand to be involved in a sketch. You’ll laugh until you cry.

13) Wait until second semester to decide who you want to live with your sophomore year. It will save you a lot of pain, aggravation and friendships.

14) If the class sounds like it would be fantastic and it’s at 8 AM, get up early, grab some coffee and take it. If you hate it, then you can drop it, but have a backup replacement.


15) The LIMO Express is your best friend. They drive a set route that makes sense and is much easier to get in and out of.

16) Take core curriculum classes that you might enjoy. That’s the beauty of it. You can take classes that interest you, like Race and Ethnicity in American Literature or East Asian Studies.


17) Spend a summer in Milwaukee. You’ll feel like you missed out on the awesome weather that everyone talks about. Summerfest, too. 

18) Go to the Square Dance. It’s cheesy, but so much fun. And you don’t want to be that person who says, “I didn’t go to one of the original Marquette traditions,” do you?

19) Student-athletes put on their shoes every morning, just like everyone else. They’re people, not robots. Treat them as such. They’ll do the same in return.

20) Learn about Marquette. Know who the Jesuits are, what Cura Personalis means, how to say Wojciechowski (and that his nickname is Wojo).

-Tess Quinlan, recent graduate of the Diederich College of Communication and USAToday Sports College Sports Digital Producer